GitHub Projects

July 23, 2015 by Jason Smith

I recently started placing some projects on GitHub. My initial thoughts were to learn something other than Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a code repository. Then while interviewing people started asking about samples. That being said…

These Are Experiments, Not Refined Code

The code on GitHub is more experimental than refined code examples.For instance the a recent update to SimpleSupport was for looking into the Command-Query Pattern, the MCSF was code pulled from SimpleSupport to learn about WebAPIs, and WPStrapped was see about combining Bootstrap and WordPress.

MCSF – Stand for Michigan Child Support Formula, is a WebAPI for calculating child support in the state of Michigan. It is used by the SimpleSupport application below.

SimpleSupport – SimpleSupport is a ASP.NET MVC SaaS applicatin currently hosted on Windows Azure. It calculates Michigan child support based on the Michigan Child Support Formula (MCSF).

TaxAPI – This is another WebAPI where the code was pulled from SimpleSupport, however it is not finished so SimpleSupport does not use it. I have also thought the Michigan and Federal tax should be separate APIs.

WPStrapped – Is a WordPress theme based on Boostrap. This theme is just in the beginning so much of it is not customizable through the dashboard. When I get time I would like to turn pieces into widgets and plugins.