Jason Smith

I am a Senior .NET Developer with over 10 years of experience and a genuine pride in the software I design and develop. I have a high regard for continued education inside and outside of IT and have experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle.


Microsoft MVC

Visual Studio





Structured Query

Language (SQL)

Classic ASP




Windows Azure


Entity Framework 6


Team Foundation

Server (TFS)

TFS Online

Relational Databases

SQL Server


Visual Basic .NET

Visual Basic 6




C#, Microsoft MVC, Visual Studio, 2002-2013, ASP.NET, Razor, WebForms, Structured Query, Language (SQL), Classic ASP, BootStrap, jQuery, WinForms, Windows Azure, LINQ, Entity Framework 6, (EF6), Team Foundation, Server (TFS), TFS Online, Relational Databases, SQL Server, Oracle, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic 6, PHP, T-SQL

Independent Data Management (IDM) March 2015 – Present

Developing an ASP.NET MVC SaaS application for tracking farm data in a 3-person development team. The project is about 80% new development with the remainder being modifying existing code and maintaining earlier generation ASP.NET application.

Lead Software Engineer (Remote) March 2016 – Present
  • Lead a team of 5 developers.
  • Manage multiple projects against seasonal deadlines.
Senior Software Engineer (Remote) March 2015 – March 2016
  • Full-Stack developer with a focus on Front-End design and development.
  • Translating screen mockups using jQuery, C#, and bootstrap.
  • Track down and fix production bugs.
  • Increased user experience by cutting page load times by over 70%.
  • Worked within strict deadlines set by IDM and/or government agencies.
Technologies Used

ASP.NET-MVC, Windows Azure, jQuery, Bootstrap, Razor, C#, TFS Online, Visual Studio Ultimate 2013, SQL Server, Front-End, Entity-Framework 6

Michigan Court of Appeals December 2008 – February 2015

Most effort was upgrading Classic ASP software to ASP.NET, maintaining Classic ASP based case management system, and creating new ASP.NET applications. Used both Oracle and SQL Server databases as well as Team Foundation Server.

Programmer IV / Senior Developer   January 2012 – Present
  • Research and suggest strategies, new technologies, and training
    • Instituted VS Live Seminars and Pluralsight membership into training program
  • Architect core framework for Classic ASP to ASP.NET upgrade of court system
  • Created a VS 2010 Template based on new standards with new and old code libraries
  • Redesigned and developed ASP.NET applications originally developed by other developers
    • Active Directory and User Access application after being in production for one year
    • Money tracking application after being in development for 3 years
    • Research Survey after being in production for several months
  • FileFactotum – file operation C# console application
    • Backups up, deletes, and moves files and folders
    • Consolidated multiple file operation applications into one
    • 23 scheduled tasks are based on FileFactotum
Programmer III   December 2008 – December 2011
  • Lead the process for creating and maintaining user interface coding standards
  • Developed ASP.NET Case Call software for assigning judges and cases to panels
  • Designed and developed software using C#, Visual Studio, Oracle, and MS SQL Server
  • Work with end user to create requirements and conduct testing
  • Convert Classic ASP programs to ASP.NET
  • Maintenance of classic ASP and VB6 applications developed by previous employees
Technologies Used

Classic ASP, ASP.NET, C#, TFS, Full Stack, Visual Studio 2013, VB6, SQL Server, Oracle

Michigan Legal Software, LLC   December 2013 – February 2015

Designing and developing ASP.NET MVC5 SaaS applications using Entity Framework 6, jQuery, and Razor. Currently using Windows Azure for SQL Server database and VisualStudio.com for Team Foundation Server.

  • ZapLeaf – calculates child support payments
  • Used on Michigan Child Support Guidelines as requirements (40 pages)
  • SQL Server database with 28 table Designed and developed using Model-First
Technologies Used

MVC.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2013, LINQ, TFS Online, Windows Azure, jQuery, Bootstrap, Razor, Code-First, Model-First, Entity-Framework 6

Blue Tree Sites, LLC   December 2009 – February 2014
  • Founded as a way of monetizing my computer hobby
  • At its peek operated 50+ WordPress based websites
    • Customized WordPress themes with PHP and CSS
  • Two full-time employees located in the Philippines conducted research and created content
  • Maintenance ended in 2012 and the websites were removed in February 2014
  • Developed Domain Scanner – C# Windows Forms (WinForms) application
    • Filtered 100,000s of domains down to a handful
    • Downloaded a lists of expired domains
    • Used pinging and NameCheap.com API to check if domain was available
    • Used MOZ.com API to check URL’s reputation
  • Developed Keyword Processor – A C# Windows Forms application
    • Built an XML file containing scheduled blog posts
    • XML file was imported in to a WordPress blog
    • Posts were based on information pulled from eBay API
Technologies Used

WinForms, C#, Third Party API, PHP, Visual Studio 2010, WordPress, XML

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)   November 2005 – December 2008
Information Analyst with the .NET Capability
  • One of only 6 members of the initial Personal Software Process(PSP) team. PSP was introduced at EDS to create a dependable programming environment
  • Developed software for processing Medicaid claims for KY and WI
  • Used C#, Visual Studio 2005 and MVC software architecture
  • Most projects were bug fixes and modifications that didn’t quite fit into the foundation
  • Performed and received code-reviews
Technologies Used

ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Back-End

Citizens Banking Corporation   July 1998 – November 2005
E-Commerce Development Programmer   June 2003 – November 2005
  • Worked alone and in a group of up to four developers to develop web and win32 applications
  • Worked with other IT groups Network Support Project Managers
  • Web and win32 application development using Visual Studio .NET 2003 (C#, ASP.NET)
  • Database design/development using Enterprise Manager with SQL 2000
  • Created scheduled tasks and DTS packages for financial reports and database maintenance
  • Often responsible for entire development lifecycle
  • Maintenance of classic ASP and VB6 applications developed by previous employees
E-Commerce Development Programmer / Analyst   April 2001 – June 2003
  • Compiled demographic / web site reports to management
  • Provided analysis on product upgrades and site design
  • Worked with marketing department to develop public website. (Classic ASP, Javascript)
  • Developed and maintained eCommerce reporting interface using MS Access 97