WP Strapped

July 23, 2015 by Jason Smith

WP Strapped is the a WordPress theme based on Bootstrap. I can’t say using Boostrap with WordPress is the best idea. Many argue against and I can certainly say if you want to actually use many of the Bootstrap pieces it takes a lot of customizing to get WordPress to work nice.

So Why Did I Combine Them?

Boostrap is the built UI style built into ASP.NET MVC and since I am a .NET developer I wanted to stick with Boostrap. However, I also wanted (and was familiar with) WordPress as a blogging platform and of course because of the number of plug-ins available.

This site (decaf.io) along with my two other sites, GoingForFreedom.com and ZapLeaf.com each use their own variation of WP Strapped.

You can download WP Strapped from GitHub.